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Beware of Shadows™️

Beware of Shadows™ is a single player game where you must solve puzzles, survive and find out what happened in that old house. But, you are not alone. In this house, you may encounter enemies, or people you have met in the past. But don't get carried away. This house is also hallucinating you. 

Warning: This game is a Map for Roblox® Platform. Follow the game on: Beware of Shadows - RobloxTo receive notification of when the game is released.

© 2019-2020 MB_Projects Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Five Nights with Minecraft

Welcome to Lefty's Band Show!

Bring your children to entertain with the animatronics! Lefty, Spring Bonnie, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy! (Just don't let the kids get close).

Metheo Entertainment Is looking for two Night Guards to work on camera service from 12:00 to 06:00. Your turn is 5 Nights for the last night earning 100 Dollars. Each day you will earn $20 for the last $100 total. Be warned that Matheo Entertainment is not responsible for anything that happens on your Shift.
Attention, this map only works multiplayer. (One being Security and the other Animatronics.)

> Play in survival
> Can only contain 2 Night Guards.
> Leave "Names of Players in the Game" Off.

Download (Google Drive): FNwM Download
MCPEDL (Site): Five Nights with Minecraft - MCPEDL

Built by: MeninoBendy SuriGamerLuis

Idea, Animatronics & History by:
Scott Cawthon, All Rights Reserved.

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Minecraft's Basics™️

Welcome to Baldi's School Basics! Here you learn the best subject ever, Math! Your teacher is Baldi, a teacher who loves math and HATES a lot when someone misses a question. Therefore, you will have to be a good student and answer correctly. Based on the game "Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning".


His friend left his notebooks at school (probably running away from Baldi). So now you must collect all seven notebooks! so don't give up! Escape the Baldi, find secrets, hide and survive! But be careful! In this school, there are rules that you must obey. Otherwise, the principal will follow you and take you to detention. The Play Time loves jumping rope, but it can become a problem. The others You'll have to know! Get the notebooks and get out Fast!

Attention! This map works for multiplayer only (One being Baldi and the other is Player).

Download (Android, IOS and Windows 10):
Minecraft's Basics 1.3.1

MCPEDL Download (Site):
Minecraft's Basics - MCPED…